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There are many ways to play Atomas. The well familiar is the Classic Mode, where there is nothing stopping you. There are even more modes that can be unlocked. By scoring 1,000 and 10,000 points in Classic Mode, you get Time Attack and Geneva Mode, respectively. Passing Krypton nets you the Zen Mode

Zen mode is easier mode, it has a 50% chance of giving Plus when the gamefield is full

Each of these modes play differently, but some of the achievements force you to use Classic Mode, so become an expert in all of these modes to get good scores.


There are currently twelve Charms. To gain use of them, one must first discover the related atom by reaching its atomic number. Go to the Charms page to find them all!

To gain use of them, one must first discover the related atom by reaching its atomic number. So, to get the Oxygen upgrade, one must at least get Oxygen, or pass it by getting Fluorine or any higher atom.

Special atoms[]

Special atoms are not actually atoms, how else can you have no atoms if there is at least one of them? While they may not be atoms, they serve to modify actual atoms in the field, more often than not, increasing their value.

Most of these special atoms serve to combine other atoms. The humble Plus Atom, for example, adds one to a reaction consisting of two similar atoms. This is extended with three atoms:

  • Dark Plus - This potent plus can combine two different atoms, and it's not just that. The reaction nets the highest atom +3. It also reacts like an ordinary Plus Atom, allowing for chain reactions.
  • Antimatter - Combines more than two atoms; in fact, it combines at least half of them into one atom. Like the Dark Plus, this nets an atom of the highest one +3. This can be manually triggered by tapping its respective button at the top of the screen, but it is in a limited supply. More can be bought through in-app purchases.
  • Luxon - A special Plus Atom, in which it changes the atom it hits into a Plus Atom. Building a chain reaction around said atom allows for easy combining.

Another type of special atom is the Minus Atom, which serves to grab an atom. Once that happens, it can either be placed back anywhere in the field, or turned into a Plus Atom with a humble press of the grabbed atom. Since it is very useful, it spawns much less often than its Plus Atom cousin.

Related to the Minus Atom is the Neutrino. Like the Minus Atom, you tap on an existing atom in order to make it work. But unlike said atom, it nets a copy of the atom you just touched. This is very useful for making chain reactions, if your sole purpose is to get the highest atom possible.


There are challenges that the player can achieve. Some of these even give the player one antimatter for completing them.

  • Make a chain reaction with 14 atoms involved.
  • Create H2O.
  • ?????????? (Have ten Plus Atoms on the field, along with 5,000 points)
  • Score 100,000 points in classic mode. Awards an antimatter.
  • Score 1,000 points in classic mode. Awards an antimatter.
  • Score 10,000 points in classic mode. Awards an antimatter.
  • Create all elements.
  • Power! (Put Polonium, Tungsten and Erbium in order (creating the word PoWEr) in a clockwise direction. Awards an antimatter)
  • Clear the whole game field (Have only special atoms on the field; also triggers the Erbium upgrade)
  • Beat the dev's high score (66,534)
  • Create CO2.


Screenshot after long-pressing clear scores

Holding down on the Clear Scores in the settings menu will take you to a hidden screen. The title says,

Hello Agent Johnson

The crawfish asks for magnolia:

This is followed by three buttons (two in some versions), that do the following.

  • Harvest the books - This button starts a game, but with the atoms being randomly placed by the computer. Once the game ends due to atom overload, a new game immediately starts. This does not affect your current games, and manual input is not detected.
  • Clear the chocolate bar - This button resets all unfinished games.
  • Restore Stuff - Unknown function - it could restore in-app purchases.


If you go to the tutorial, the first thing it asks you to do is tap the game field and it indicates where with a red, flashing dot. After doing so, a green circle with a check mark appears. If you press on it, it will take you to the next part of the tutorial.

But there was a glitch in that you can keep playing if you don't press the green circle. Just continue to tap outside of the green circle but inside the game field. The only problem is that you can only shoot in the general direction the tutorial originally asked you to. But other than that, you can keep playing forever, as there is no atom limit. you can have hundreds of atoms on the field at once, and this gives you a small preview of what atoms comes after the ones you have made it to.

And on part 4, you can tap below the preset location you are meant to shoot at, making the objective impossible, so you can continue the glitch without the green circle appearing. In this glitch, only plus and minus particles appear, plus the normal elements. No dark pluses or neutrinos have been seen, mainly because those require you to reach a certain score first, and in tutorial mode, there is no score.

Another glitch that has occurred is when I pushed the home button while a chain reaction was happening. When I went back to the game, the ring that appears when a combination is available disappeared and was replaced by a glitched out box on the top right of the game filed. it would change to the color of the atom in the center, just like the ring did. I tried to do this glitch again but it did not work so I don't have any screenshots of it.


If you go to Time Attack, lose the game, and when you are on the final score for round screen, press the pause button, then unpause, which will cause the start of game countdown to start and you can place atoms forever with no limit and no time limit like the tutorial glitch. I found this on accident when playing time attack once, but no screenshots.

Recently, I, thefastmeow, has recreated the glitch here:

this is very similar to the tutorial glitch but the user is capable of tapping anywhere. avoid hovering over the new game bhutton as the game can restart.

A more reliable way to perform this glitch is to wait until the last second of the timer saying '0sec' then pause. if you're lucky, you can get it on the first try. if you dont get it, once the timer has finished counting again, immediately press the pause button again. once you successfully execute the glitch, you will be left with a board with both the end screen and gameplay screen. you can press new game to start again if you really want to or share because the buttons are still there and are interactable. the picture on the left shows that there is no limit to the amount of atoms just like the tutorial glitch except the player can put atoms anywhere except sometimes the bottom part without starting a new game.


Strategy is needed to reach higher scores, allowing you to unlock upgrades and game modes. After all, you don't want to have a game over by wasting time building reactions or leaving Plus Atoms on the field.

The developer, on his site provides a simple strategy in a FaQ:

What's the best strategy?
There is one thing that raises your highscore from 1000 to 10.000:
Observe the range of atoms you get in the middle, then when you get a minus use it to remove all atoms that are out of this range. 

So after a big chain reaction absorb the output atom and convert it into a plus.
Why? Because while it doesn't spawn in the middle you can't pair it and so it takes up place in the circle.

I was playing around with the tutorial as you can see, and this happened. Im not quite sure how, but I could continue playing without the check mark getting in the way.

Finishing step one of the tutorial